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(CNN) — World number one Serena Williams won her first ever Cincinnati Open, and her 62nd career WTA title, by escort bayan brushing aside Ana Ivanovic 6-4, 6-1.
Williams needed just 62 minutes to dispatch her Serbian rival and win her second title in a month.
The victory was the perfect preparation for the seasons final major, the US Open, which begins in eight days time.
I just kind of close my eyes and serve
Serena Williams
It was such a great week, Williams said after the victory, before praising Ivanovics performance.
She was playing so hard, hitting so many winners.
Poor season
It has, by her own high standards, been a below par season for Williams.
She hasnt made it to a final of a single major so far this season.
Serena defends French Open title
Williams father: Were too soft on kids
And whilst her five titles this year — in Miami, Brisbane, Stanford, Rome and now Cincinnati — could be considered a good eight months work for almost any other player, Williams is held, both by herself and her peers, to a higher standard.
Yet Cincinnati was something of a return to form. She won nine of the last ten games, pounding 12 aces and 26 winners along the way.
I just kind of close my eyes and serve, Williams said. When you think about it too much you get kind of crazy.
Sweet 18?
Williams will hope that her first Cincinnati title is a good omen before the US Open.
She turns 33 this year and is desperate to win another major singles title.
If she accomplishes that in New York, shell tie with Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert, who have both won 18 majors, and will be just four behind Steffi Graf who holds the record with 22.
Federer 80-up
Later on Sunday Roger Federer won his sixth Cincinnati Open, and an incredible 80th career title, after beating Spains David Ferrer 6-3, 1-6. 6-2.
After taking the first set it looked like the evergreen Federer would easily close out for the championship.
But Ferrer hit back in the second set 6-1 before Federer showed his fighting spirit again and took the third.
It was a sensational victory for the oldest player currently in the world top 25. He will now be heading to the US Open full of confidence after reaching the final in his past four tournaments including Wimbledon.

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(CNN) — Tests on the long-lost skeleton of Richard III reveal the medieval monarch had a taste for rich foods escort bayan such as peacock, heron and swan, and that his liking for the finer things in life — including wine — increased significantly after he became the king of England.
Scientists at the British Geological Survey measured the levels of isotopes including oxygen, strontium, nitrogen and carbon in the remains of Richard III, found buried beneath a parking lot in the English city of Leicester in 2012.

Chemical clues reveal Richard IIIs diet

In a paper published in the Journal of Archaeological Sciences, they say the tests can reveal clues as to where a person lived, and what they ate and drank, allowing experts to reconstruct the life history of the last Plantagenet king.
READ MORE: King Richard IIIs grave opens to the public

Cracking the genetic code of Richard III

Richard IIIs last battle

The king in the parking lot

Isotope geochemist Angela Lamb, who led the study, said two teeth — a molar and premolar — and two bones — a rib and femur — were analyzed because each held different information and could offer a variety of clues to Richard IIIs life.
The teeth develop in childhood and dont change, so from them we can get information about a persons early years, she told CNN.
Bones are different; they remodel and repair themselves through life — if you break a bone, for example, it can heal. The femur is dense and slow-growing, so it can tell us about the last 10 to 15 years of a persons life, whereas the rib bone is much more spongy and regenerates much more quickly, so it can reveal information about the last two to three years.
High-protein diet
This is key in the case of Richard III, since he became king just 26 months before his death at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 — and analysis suggests his diet changed markedly in the few short years after he was crowned.
Medieval aristocrats are known to have eaten high-protein diets full of freshwater fish and wildfowl, in part because of religious observances that called for meat-free fasting for up to a third of the year. Fish and wildfowl — birds such as heron, swan and egret — were not considered meat.
Obviously, Richard was a nobleman beforehand, and so his diet would be reasonably rich already, explained Lamb. But once he became king we would expect him to be wining and dining more, banqueting more. Food was a real mark of status in the medieval period.
We have the menu from his coronation banquet and it was very elaborate — lots of wildfowl, including real delicacies such as peacock and swan, and fish — carp, pike and so on, which were cultivated in special fishponds.
Scientific analysis
Matching up historic records from the kings lifetime with brand new scientific data harvested from his remains has offered experts a unique opportunity to cross-check what is already known about his life and times.
As Richard Buckley, the University of Leicester archaeologist in charge of the dig which uncovered the kings remains, explained: It is very rare indeed in archaeology to be able to identify a named individual with precise dates and a documented life.
This has enabled stable-isotope analysis to show how his environment changed at different times and, perhaps most significantly, identified marked changes in his diet when he became king in 1483.

Skeletal remains are of Richard III

The woman who found Richard III

Tracking down Richard IIIs remains

Isotope analysis backs up many of the records of Richards life — that he was born in eastern England but spent part of his childhood in western Britain. And knowing where he lived, from ancient documents, allowed the experts to learn something new about isotope analysis.
By looking at the levels of oxygen isotopes, we can tell where a person lived, because the oxygen comes from the drinking water that they consumed, said Lamb.
In this case, the isotopes suggested that [towards the end of his life] Richard was living in the extreme southwest of Britain, but we know from the records that this isnt the case, so we had to look for another explanation.
Wine habit
Given the discoveries they had already made about Richards extravagant diet, they began to wonder if the discrepancy in oxygen isotopes pointed to the fact he was drinking something other than water.
Brewing water into ale is known to alter isotope levels, but beer was not a high-status drink in the medieval era.
We needed something that would tie in with the luxury food he would have been eating, said Lamb. Back then wine was very much the preserve of the upper classes — it was imported, expensive and only the very wealthy could afford it.
By carrying out tests with modern equivalents, the scientists were able to conclude that Richard drank up to a bottle of wine a day — and to work out, for the first time, that wine consumption affects oxygen isotope levels.
It is fascinating, said Lamb. We use these techniques all the time, but we are never able to cross-check them, and it is only his which enabled us to figure it out.

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Countless cyclists have been injured – or even killed – after falling victim to a drivers blind spot, but a eskort new light could help put an end to this.Laserlight projects an icon onto the road, helping to ensure that drivers are aware of an approaching cyclist, even if they cannot see them.The green image is beamed between 16 and ankara escort bayan 19ft (five and six metres) in front of a cyclist, signalling that a driver should not turn across their path.Scroll down for video

Early warning: Laserlight projects an image of a cyclist onto the road (pictured) , helping to ensure that drivers are aware of an approaching cyclist even if they cannot immediately see themAccording to the makers website, the classic blind spot scenario is the number one danger to cyclists.London-based Blaze claim that just under 80 per cent of cycle accidents occur when a bicycle is travelling straight and a vehicle manoeuvres into them. 
End of the bike lock? Bicycles rectangular handlebars double up as a security lock
Never lose your car again! Apple patents app to track your car – even when it¿s parked underground with no phone signal
Now thats green energy! Photosynthesis replicated in the lab – and it could pave the way to a limitless hydrogen fuel
Watch the ISS fly through an AURORA: Time-lapse reveals moment a solar ejection bathed the space station in light
According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (Rospa), 19,438 British cyclists were involved in accidents last year – and of those 109 died. Rospa says that the most dangerous hours for cyclists are between 3pm and 6pm as well as 8am and 9am on weekdays. However, cycling accidents in the dark are more likely to be fatal.Around 75 per cent of fatal or serious cyclist accidents occur in urban areas and 75 per cent happen at, or near, a road junctionThe rechargable Laserlight, they say, works to provide a bigger footprint on the road for the cyclist. The Laserlight also works as a normal white LED front light – throwing out more than 300 lumens in its brightest mode. 
Blaze Laserlight – The worlds first laserlight
Simple set-up: The rechargable Laserlight works to provide a bigger footprint on the road
Watch out: London-based Blaze claim that just under 80 per cent of cycle accidents occur when the bicycle is travelling straight ahead and a vehicle manoeuvres into them LASERLIGHTS SPECIFICATIONS  Works as both a traditional 300 lumen bike light and a warning laser light Cost: £125; $200; €125Outer casing: AluminiumPower: Charges using USB cable Weight: 6.4oz (182g)Waterproof up to 3ft (1m) deepRun time: Up to 13 hours with and laser both flashing  The signature laser image is projected by a separate diode inside the light and can be switched on and off independently.Its makers explained that the icon is green because the human eye is most receptive to light on that wavelength. It also takes relatively little energy to generate green light, resulting in the Laserlight’s impressive run times – 13 hours with light and laser both flashing. The bicycle projection is visible in daylight, but is designed for use in low light when a cyclist would usually use their lights. In the UK, this makes up approximately 50 per cent of commuting hours.It is available to buy, costing £125 in the UK, $200 in the U.S. and €125 across the rest of Europe.
Multifunctional: The Laserlight (pictured) also works as a normal white LED front light – throwing out more than 300 lumens in its brightest mode making it ideal for use at night 

About are escort have rights

Editors note: Jerusalem-based Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann (Jon Green) is the director of activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territories for Rabbis escort for Human Rights. Grenimann has worked in Holocaust education and also taught about Jewish resistance during WWII. Since his ordination escort in 1991, he has worked as a rabbi and educator in the Masorti movement. He has been active in peace-orientated groups including Peace Now and Netivot Shalom and is the author of the novel Far Away From Where? The views expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.
(CNN) — My son has recently been released from active reserve duty in the Israel Defense Forces in Gaza, and the two sides are again talking about a serious ceasefire. I am relieved to have my son back and to see that we are talking instead of shooting, and pray that this latest round of negotiations succeeds in bringing us stability and progress towards peace.
Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann.
The recent violence has left many dead and wounded, homeless and traumatized on both sides, as well as terrible destruction. Worst of all, it has overwhelmed many of us with a sense of hopelessness regarding the prospects for peace here.
Both the Hamas leadership and the Israeli government have chosen conflict over real peace negotiations again and again in the past. They are apparently only able to haggle over ceasefire deals between rounds of fighting.
The lead-up to the outbreak of hostilities included the wave of mutual hatred and fear that swept the Jewish and Palestinian populations in the wake of the kidnapping and murder of three young Israeli teenagers in the Etzion Bloc and the revenge murder of a Palestinian youth in Shuafat, followed by Israeli mass arrests of Hamas operatives in the West Bank, and the arrest of three Jewish extremists in the Jerusalem region.
Israel had also signaled its disapproval of the recently established Fatah-Hamas unity government by exacerbating its blockade of Gaza, punishing 1.8 million Gazans.
The strength of my country and my people through history has always been its ability to debate, be self-critical, and respect differences of opinion.
Rabbi Yehiel Grenimann
Hamas responded by unilaterally opening fire and shooting hundreds of missiles at Israeli population centers. The rest is well known — Operation Protective Edge with the destruction and death you have seen on TV screen and other media. If not for the Iron Dome anti-missile batteries (an Israeli invention with U.S. investment) protecting those cities, the destruction and deaths on the Israeli side would have been much greater.
We Israelis on the whole supported this action, though there were some protests from the radical left and Arab citizens. The internal arguments regarding (frozen) negotiations with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and the future of the settlements were set aside as the country was mobilized to support the armed forces in what was seen as an act of defense against the rocket fire.
A week later, with the onset of the ground offensive, the destruction of the many tunnels dug into our territory for purposes of kidnapping and terrorist killings became the focus of popular support for the IDF. My son, an infantry soldier in reserves, was called up to protect his people, as I have had to do in the past, and as my father did in Poland when fighting the Germans as a partisan.
Rebuilding Gaza for the future
What did Hamas achieve in Gaza?
Palestinians: Cease-fire extended 5 days
Israel: We wont talk while under fire
On the other hand, few Israelis questioned the means by which we deal with these threats or whether the path to this bloodshed was indeed unavoidable. Fewer Israelis wanted to hear criticism of the rising numbers of uninvolved Palestinian dead and wounded from the IDFs actions.
Those of us in the human rights community who asked questions about this, however carefully and hesitantly, were vilified as unpatriotic or even as traitors, and some activists were physically attacked.
Faced with these reactions, I fear for Israeli democracy and the moral fiber of the country. When faced with a struggle with a hate-fueled terrorist organization like Hamas, which has no compunction in breaking even humanitarian ceasefire agreements (they broke five or six), and which uses its own civilian population for cover, it is understandable that Israeli nerves might be frayed.
The strength of my country and my people through history has always been its ability to debate, be self-critical, and respect differences of opinion.
There is certainly no prospect for peace here in Israel if the extremists within the present government have their way. If the Palestinians, on the other hand, are able to change direction and reject the ways of Hamas as uncompromising haters of Israels very existence, they would strengthen the hand of the many Israelis who continue to dream and strive for peace.
Some of us see that as a religious commandment — as Hillel the elder said (Sayings of the Fathers, chapt. 1, Mishna 12, Talmud), one should pursue peace as did Aharon the high priest: Strive for peace and pursue it. (Psalms, 34,15)
After shaky start, cease-fire extension appears to hold
Is Mideast peace as far away as ever?

Researchers evden eve nakliyat are creating

(CNN) — NASAs black-hole hunting telescope has captured a cosmic battle between dark and light.
NuSTAR, formally known as the Nuclear evden eve nakliyat Spectroscopic Telescope Array, has observed a supermassive black holes gravity tugging on X-ray light thats being emitted near that black hole.
NASA says The regions around supermassive black holes shine brightly in X-rays. Some of this radiation comes from a surrounding disk, and most comes from the corona, pictured here as the white light at the base of a jet. This is one possible configuration for a corona — its actual shape is unclear.
The mystery of black holes
Black hole hunting satellite launched
New telescope to illuminate black holes
That light is getting stretched and blurred, and researchers are getting to see it all in unprecedented detail, said NASA in a news release issued today.
In this instance, the corona — a source of X-ray light that sits near a black hole — recently collapsed in toward the black hole thats named Markarian 335.
The NuSTAR telescope has been collecting X-rays from black holes and dying stars for the past two years.
The craft completed its primary mission earlier this year, and it was redirected to investigate Markarian 335 once scientists noticed that the black hole had become dramatically brighter. NuSTAR observed that Markarian 335s gravity sucked the coronas light, an illuminating action that NASA likened to someone shining a flashlight for astronomers.
Scientists can now see the corona lighting up material around the black hole, which allows them to study the most extreme light-bending effects of Albert Einsteins theory of general relativity, said NuSTARs principal investigator, Fiona Harrison, in the news release. She is with the California Institute of Technology.
As if NuSTARs observations and Einsteins theories arent mind-boggling enough, NASA says the black hole Markarian 335 spins so rapidly that space and time are dragged around with it.
The space agency says the new observations could help scientists better understand mysterious coronas and black holes, which are thought to be formed when massive stars collapse, creating such density that not even light can escape their intense gravitational pull.
Scientists believe supermassive black holes reside in the centers of galaxies. Some are more massive and rotate faster than others.

And that that escort bayan carers

Shocked: Michael Peach aged 72 who is a resident at Goldfield Court, where 16 people fell ill. A 23-year-old care escort bayan worker has been arrestedA 23-year-old woman has been sent to a secure mental health unit after being arrested on suspicion escort bayan of administering a noxious substance after staff and residents at a sheltered housing complex were taken ill.West Midlands Police said 16 people – including one in their 90s – had fallen ill with food poisoning type symptoms at Goldfield Court, an extra care unit for the elderly in West Bromwich.Four elderly residents were rushed to hospital at about 8.20pm last night after suffering diarrhoea and vomiting. Two continue to receive treatment.The 23-year-old woman, who was arrested on Monday, has been released on police bail to a secure unit while investigations continue, a force spokeswoman said.Resident Michael Peach, 72, who has lived at the care home for two years, said: Police have been up on my floor.
They have emptied a room. It is like they are using it as a command centre.I didnt know what it was but the police have been into all everyones room and taken all of our food in our fridges.Theyve just left my loaf of bread. They have even taken my jellied eels, so I assume now the arrest is for food poisoning.We are all waiting for the investigation. We dont know a lot about what is going on exactly.I am really shocked by it all.Residents do have the option of eating at the cafeteria in the home or eating their own food but it is strange peoples personal food has been taken away – it appears that it might have been tampered with.Resident Brenda Stephenson, 89, who has lived at the home for two years, said the woman arrested was one of the carers.The great-grandmother, who also has four grandchildren, said: All that we have been told is that someone has been arrested and that food has been contaminated.They are being very tight-lipped. 
Seventy Britons are struck down by vomiting bug in Mallorca and Menorca just days after 100 fell ill in Egypt 
Deadly chicken cover-up: Six in ten supermarket birds have lethal bug but watchdog wont say which stores
They took everything out of my fridge on Tuesday night, they just left us with some milk and butter and bread. My son has just brought me some shopping in so I am back to normal.Its worrying because we dont know too much apart from people were taken ill but I am feeling fine at the moment.
Police forensic officers investigating the cause of the residents illnesses arrive at Goldfield Court today
The 23-year-old woman, who was arrested on Monday, has been released on police bail to a secure unit while investigations continue, a force spokeswoman said.
Sick: Four of the people were taken to hospital, where two continue to receive treatment.She added: Somebody said it was one of the carers who had been arrested but I dont know which one.There are quite a few girls in their 20s working here and they all have access to our rooms. Its caused a lot of worry and panic around the care home.You dont expect this type of thing to happen at a care home for the elderly. The idea that someone may have been poisoning peoples food is frightening.One neighbour to Goldfield Court, 68, said: I have seen a lot of ambulances in and out this week but I didnt know there has been food poisoning. That is a big shock.Further tests and inquiries are under way to determine the exact nature and cause of the illness, the police spokeswoman added.Officers are working with the management of the unit along with healthcare professionals and Sandwell social services.
Probe: West Midlands Police said further tests and inquiries are under way to determine the exact nature and cause of the illness. File pictureGoldfield Court is described as extra care housing for older people. There are 93 flats at the site, run by Housing & Care 21.Housing & Care 21 did not comment when contacted and said they were passing all queries to West Midlands Police. They have even taken my jellied eels The development includes lounges, a restaurant, a hair salon, a guest suite, an activity room and gardens for resdients.Flats can be rented rented or purchased under a shared ownership scheme and start at more than £33,000 for a quarter share and £107,000 for a 75 per cent share.Housing 21 confirmed the suspension and released a statement.It said: Housing and Care 21 can confirm that a care worker has been suspended from Goldfield independent living scheme in West Bromwich. We are providing information and assistance to the police and Sandwell Adult Social Care Services and will support them with any further investigation.Our thoughts are with both residents and staff at the Goldfield community and we are ensuring they are supported during this difficult time.In its most recent inspection of the sheltered housing complex, independent regulator the Care Quality Commission (CQC) found the site was meeting all standards.A routine inspection carried out in October last year concluded the measures in place protected people who lived there from the risk of harm and abuse.  

‘we ve the bayan escort members continent

Fears that Ebola may reach Britain intensified last night after a passenger from Sierra Leone died at Gatwick airport.
The 72-year-old bayan escort woman became ill and collapsed after she left a Gambia Bird jet arriving from the West African country. A total of 826 people have died in Africa as a result of an outbreak of the deadly virus which began in February – 256 of these lived in Sierra Leone.
Scroll down for video
The woman, who was tested for Ebola arrived at Gatwick on a Gambia Bird jet from Sierra Leone (file picture)
The woman was reportedly vomiting heavily and sweating profusely, but tests last night showed that the woman did not have the virus
Ebola vaccine does not exist because it mainly affects Africans, claims top doctor
Runaway Sierra Leone cyclist is found… but now their three relay squads go missing as team says it doesnt want to go back to Ebola-ridden country
The plane, which had 128 passengers on board and stopped off in Gambia before heading to the UK, was quarantined as officials traced those who had been in contact with the woman.
An airport worker told the Daily Mirror: ‘We’ve all seen how many people have died from Ebola, especially in Sierra Leone, and it’s terrifying. The woman was sweating buckets and vomiting.
‘Paramedics arrived to try to help her. The next thing everybody was there… emergency crews, airfield operations, even immigration.  
Doctor demonstrates the dangers of working with ebola
The woman had travelled to the UK from Sierra Leone in West Africa, where 256 people have been killed by the virus
‘They closed down the jet bridge and put the aircraft into quarantine.
‘They took everyone’s details, even the guy who fuels the aircraft.’
The plane carrying the woman came from Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone – a country with the highest number of victims from the disease.
It stopped at Banjul in The Gambia before landing in Gatwick at 8.15am on Saturday after a five-hour flight.

A nurse in Liberia in protective clothing is sprayed with disinfectant. There is no cure for Ebola, which is spread by close contact
Last night the Department of Health said that tests on the woman proved negative for Ebola. A spokesman for Public Health England said the woman’s symptoms had suggested Ebola was very unlikely but the tests were carried out as a precaution.
A spokesman for South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust added: ‘We were called to Gatwick Airport on Saturday at 8.27am to attend to a patient who had been taken unwell on an inbound flight from Gambia.
There is no cure for Ebola, which is spread by close contact. It kills between 25 and 90 per cent of its victims. 
Watch an interview with a survivor of the deadly ebola virus
Christians in Liberia held holy communion wearing gloves to try to prevent the spread of Ebola. Early symptoms include headache, fever, fatigue, muscle pain and a sore throat
Early symptoms include headache, fever, fatigue, muscle pain and a sore throat. In the more advanced stages of the virus victims can experience skin rashes; bleeding from the eyes, nose and mouth; as well as diarrhoea, vomiting, and internal bleeding.
Guidelines advise quarantining anyone who has caught the virus and disinfecting their homes.Contact with infected animals should be prevented and healthcare workers should wear protective clothing when caring for victims.The death rate from the outbreak has been constantly rising since the first case was detected in Guinea in February.
More than 339 people have died in Guinea, 233 in Sierra Leone, 156 in Liberia and one in Nigeria.The World Health Organisation has said the infection rate is moving faster than efforts to control the disease, prompting fears it could spread outside the continent. 
A lack of border control has allowed infected people who didn’t seek medical attention because of fear, suspicion or stigma to travel freely among in West Africa.
The fatality rate has been about 60 percent, and the scenes of patients bleeding from the eyes, mouth and ears has led many relatives to keep their sick family members at home instead.
Sierra Leone is now sending teams door-to-door in search of Ebola patients and others who have been exposed to the disease

For escort bayan his already bit

Follow us at Tweets by @CNNFC
For the first time since 1951 (and only the third time ever), the destiny of escort bayan the title lay in the hands of two teams facing each other on the final day. Barca entertained an Atletico team which hadnt won the domestic league since 1996 — during which time Barca had added eight more La Ligas to the clubs roll of honor.
The equation was simple: win, and Barca would be crowned champions for a fourth time in five seasons; draw or win, and Atletico would take the title for the first time in 18 years, when current manager Diego Simeone was captain.
In the end, it was deservingly, fittingly, gloriously Simeones triumph — and one that now propels the Argentine coach into the stratosphere, such is the epic scale of the revolution he has presided over since taking charge of Los Rojiblancos in December 2011.
Champions of Europe?
A team that rarely won anything, that only found new ways of losing, was at once transformed; Europa League triumph in 2012 was quickly followed by the UEFA Super Cup and then the Spanish Cup in 2013. Simeone had molded and inspired a group of disparate talents into a squad with a win-at-all-costs, never-say-die mentality.
With the league now in the bag too, Simeone and his team have the chance to add the ultimate prize to their ever-expanding trophy cabinet when they meet arch-rivals Real Madrid in Saturdays European Champions League final in Lisbon.
I would say that this win means something for everyone, said Simeone, who saw his team gain the 1-1 draw they needed despite losing the services of 27-goal striker Diego Costa and midfield mischief-maker Arda Turan inside the first 20 minutes.
It shows that there is more than one way to win. It is one of the most important days in the history of Atletico Madrid.
Yet how few Atleti were there to celebrate such a seismic feat. Officially, 447 of their fans were present at the 98,000-capacity Camp Nou, though a few others were easily seen dotted around the gigantic arena.
They managed to make themselves heard, however, especially when Diego Godin leveled just after halftime and again at fulltime. The Atleti stayed right where they were for at least an hour after the final whistle to sing and dance and acclaim their heroes.
Those men must have looked tiny, like Subbuteo figures, from their position right at the top of the third tier behind the goal where Godin created history, but it didnt seem to matter one bit.
Big upset in Spanish league title
Neymar frustrated with Santos transfer
And to their credit, Barcelona ensured Atleti would have even more treasured memories of their special day as they stayed true to their Mes que un club (More than a club) motto.
They showed Barca is a great club
The home fans responded to the apparent ignominy of having their title taken away from them on their own turf by rising as one the very moment the game was over, proceeding to give Atleticos players the standing ovation their herculean effort deserved. Two minutes later and Atleti, Atleti reverberated around the amphitheater as Simeone and his gladiators, almost disbelievingly, looked up and soaked in the adulation.
Barca players and coaches came to congratulate me immediately after the game, added Simeone. They showed Barca is a great club.
So what of this great club? For one so used to winning and for fans usually so quick to wave their white handkerchiefs as a way of registering their disdain, they seemed awfully accepting of their fate.
The mood in the city all day was upbeat, yet strangely free from the tension that usually engulfs occasions of such enormity; dont forget, this was a title that coach Gerardo Martino had already conceded two weeks ago, before a succession of bizarre results handed his side one last unlikely shot at glory.
It never felt like their title to win, though. With the heartbreaking trauma of ex-coach Tito Vilanovas tragic passing in April still fresh in the mind, and with several players mooted to be leaving this summer, even before Saturday the focus had shifted to next season and the future.
An emotional month reached a crescendo as first long-serving goalkeeper Victor Valdes — who has been injured since March — said his farewells on Monday and then on Thursday club captain Carles Puyol, a mainstay of Barcelona since the mid-1990s, gave his final press conference before walking away from the Camp Nou.
Soccer stars reaction to tossed banana
Madrid derby for Champions League final
It is not so much half a new team Barca are looking for over the next couple of months as almost a replacement soul.
What next for Barca?
Former captain Luis Enrique, who played for the Catalans with distinction between 1996 and 2004 and managed Barcelona B from 2008-11, was appointed Monday as the clubs new coach after leaving his post at Celta Vigo.
Enrique led Celta Vigo to ninth place in La Liga in his only season in charge, after a difficult first senior appointment at Italian club Roma in 2011-12.
Now that Lionel Messi — arguably the worlds greatest footballer and certainly its best-paid exponent — has signed a new contract, Barca must try to rediscover what made them one of the most breathtakingly successful teams the sport has ever seen.
I feel so bad, I feel disappointment and disillusionment, said midfielder Andres Iniesta on social media. Next year we will fight to give you the joys that you and this club deserve.
As for Atletico, whose fans celebrated long into the night at Neptuno Square in the Spanish capital and then took to the streets of Madrid Sunday as their champions paraded through the city on an open-top bus, the focus is rather more short-term.
At the Stadium of Light in Lisbon on Saturday, they will seek to put their name on the biggest trophy of them all for the very first time, and in the process deny city rivals Real La Decima — the 10th European Cup/Champions League title that has so frustratingly eluded the club since 2002.
Simeone, a man who has the underdog spirit coursing through his veins, will already be licking his lips in anticipation.
Read: Barrier collapse mars Spanish finale
Read: La Liga title goes to Atletico
Read: Messi agrees new Barca contract
Read: Neymar not taxed by poor form

escort bayan on nous convincing bills

Households will be whacked with a bill of £250billlion to upgrade Britain’s crumbling infrastructure and the poorest will be hit escort bayan hardest, MPs have warned. Major energy, water and transport projects have all been planned over the next 15 years, escort bayan but no regulator or government department has worked out whether households will be able to pay for them, they said. escort bayan Energy and water bills have been rising considerably faster than wages in recent years and this trend is likely escort bayan to continue, the Commons Public Accounts Committee warned.
Forking out: Upgrading Britains energy, road and rail infrastructure will cost billions over the next couple of decades But although pressure on cash-strapped families is likely to continue ‘no one seems to be sticking up for the consumers in all this,’ the committee’s chair Margaret Hodge said. The MPs urged government to step in to assess whether consumers can afford years of rising bills under plans to modernise Britain’s infrastructure.  
Struggling families see cost of essentials rise three times faster than wages in past six years
Household energy bills could rise even further as competition watchdogs carry out investigation
Energy bills: Could you cut your bills by switching where are the best deals?
Compare the best-buy energy deals: See if you could cut your costs by switching
The Treasury is planning to splash out more than £375billion to replace old assets that don’t comply with EU regulation, to support economic growth and prepare for the needs of a growing population. As much as two-thirds of this investment will be taken on by private companies, but paid for by consumers through utility bills and user charges such as rail fares. This is likely to lead to higher household bills, hitting poorest families hardest as they spend a higher proportion of their incomes on bills.
Energy bills alone are predicted to be 18 per cent higher in real terms in 2030 than in 2013, MPs warned.‘Energy and water bills have risen considerably faster than incomes in recent years, and high levels of new investment in infrastructure mean that bills and charges are likely to continue to rise significantly,’ the MPs said. The report said that ‘no one in Government is taking responsibility for assessing the overall impact of this investment on consumer bills and whether consumers will be able to afford to pay’.The cross-party committee said the Treasury should ensure that an assessment of the long-term affordability of bills is carried out.Margaret Hodge added: ‘Currently, consumers rely solely on Government and regulators to protect their interests. But it doesnt take much nous to work out that this is going to have a tough impact on the consumer.This is of particular concern given that the poorest households are hit hardest by increases in bills. Poorer households spend more of their incomes on household bills relative to richer households, meaning that funding infrastructure through bills is more regressive than doing so through taxation.
Warning: MPs said household bills will have to rise to pay for the planned infrastructure projects‘We are calling for the Treasury to produce and publish an assessment of the long-term affordability of bills across the sectors. They need to establish with departments and regulators who is responsible for what in each sector when it comes to assessing the long-term affordability of bills, and pull all the information together.‘Crucially, they need to assess the combined impact of increased bills on different household types, including those households most vulnerable to price rises.  The Commons Public Accounts Committee also warned that uncertainty caused by Government policies could potentially add to rising energy bills, with investment in new power stations being delayed and a ‘lack of urgency’ in replacing coal-fired plants.
The MPs heard there was planning consent for 15 gigawatts of gas-powered electricity generation but ‘investors are not going ahead due to a combination of unfavourable market prices for gas and electricity, and lack of certainty with regard to the Governments electricity market reforms’.The Committee said: ‘There is a challenge to the adequacy of supply which is made more difficult by current market interventions. There appears to be a lack of urgency in DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) when so much of our coal fired plants are being decommissioned before the end of 2015.’The MPs said Energy Secretary Ed Daveys department ‘needs to act quickly to give certainty and unlock much needed energy investment or the consequences for consumer bills will be worsened’.A DECC spokesman said: ‘Were preventing the predicted energy crunch by turning round a legacy of underinvestment and neglect. We have put reforms in place to drive up to £100billion of private sector investment in electricity between now and 2020 with £45billion invested already.‘If we do not take action now, we are at risk of becoming over-reliant on expensive imported gas and demand for electricity could double by 2050.‘Our analysis shows that household energy bills in 2020 are expected to be, on average, around £166 lower as a result of policies than they would have been without policies.’
Holding to account: Chair Margaret Hodge said no one was looking out for the consumer A Treasury spokesman said: ‘The country will pay a heavy price if we dont invest in the infrastructure essential for our future.‘The National Infrastructure Plan provides unprecedented certainty about what those investments are and making sure they are built in a way that delivers value for consumers and taxpayers is at the centre of it. The analysis in the PAC report fails to make a proper assessment of this.‘We uphold a robust independent regulatory regime with powers to ensure the interests of consumers are properly protected, including the establishment of a new Competition and Markets Authority this year.
‘We are cutting taxes and have taken targeted action to reduce bills. At the last Autumn Statement alone we announced a series of steps which are saving the average household around £50 on their energy bills, and a cap on rail fare increases saving quarter of a million annual season ticket holders an average of £25 this year.‘It is only because of the Governments credible economic plan that we have been able both to invest in infrastructure and take action on bills. The single biggest risk now would be abandoning that plan – which would mean worse infrastructure, higher bills, and a weaker economy.’But Richard Lloyd, executive director of consumer group Which?, said that the government has not gone far enough to ensure that costs are being kept down. ‘Despite calls from Which?, the NAO and the PAC, the Government has still not published an affordability assessment of the impact on consumer bills of infrastructure costs or made a convincing case that these are being kept under tight enough control, he said.‘Todays findings show why its vital that the Government and regulators get a tighter grip on the massive costs that are being passed on to household bills. We need to see rigorous, independent scrutiny to ensure that these costs are affordable and provide value for money for consumers.’

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(CNN) — The force was with Chicago. The Windy City beat out other cities, including a contentious battle against San escort bayan Francisco, winning the bid to build an interactive museum for Star Wars creator George Lucas.
This is a milestone for the eskort city, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Tuesday after the decision was announced. This is a tremendous opportunity for the city.
The bayan escort decision was a stunning upset for San Francisco. Lucas has plenty of ties to the Bay Area. Hes from Modesto, escort California, and built his Skywalker ranch complex in Marin County north of the city. He started other ventures over the years also based in the Bay Area, including Lucasfilm Ltd.
Lucas said in a news release Tuesday that choosing Chicago over San Francisco was the right decision for the museum, but a difficult decision for me personally because of my strong personal and professional roots in San Francisco.
San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee said there was a lot of support for the Lucas museum in his city. But Lee also said he understood why the iconic movie producer searched for sites in other cities for the cultural center.
The Presidio Trust unwisely rejected Mr. Lucas proposal for a site near Crissy Field, which … forced Mr. Lucas to look to cities like Chicago, and put San Franciscos chance at landing the museum in jeopardy, Lee said in a statement Tuesday
The location for the future Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Chicago, along the citys famed lakefront as part of whats known as the museum campus, was a deciding factor. Chicago was chosen because of the quality of the site proposed by the citys task force. The 17-acre site offers unparalleled visitor access, a news release said.
The campus is already home to the Shedd Aquarium, the Field Museum and the Adler Planetarium.
Lucas wife, Mellody Hobson, also calls Chicago home. Shes the president of Chicago-based Ariel Investments and sits on numerous corporate boards.
The new museum
The Chicago task force picked the location for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art based on the sites accessibility to public transportation and easy access. But the potential to create green spaces was important, too.
To accommodate the museum, existing parking spaces will be moved underground and acres of asphalt will be replaced with more parkland along the harbor, museum officials said in statement.
Final plans for the construction of the museum are expected this fall.
The museum will display some of Lucas extensive collection of artwork, including paintings by Norman Rockwell, Maxfield Parrish and N.C. Wyeth. It will also feature his large collection of movie posters and memorabilia, including props from his Star Wars films and others.
The museum is also billed as a gathering place to experience narrative art and the evolution of the visual image — from illustration to cinema to digital arts, according to a news release.
No other museum like this exists in the world, making it a tremendous educational, cultural and job creation asset for all Chicagoans, as well as an unparalleled draw for international tourists, said Emanuel.
Lucas film history
Lucas created the blockbuster Star Wars franchise with the release of the first film, Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope in 1977. The film was a box office sensation and won seven Academy Awards.
He also made the Indiana Jones series of movies with famed director and friend Steven Spielberg.
The American Film Institute lists Lucas Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope as No. 15 on its list of the 100 greatest American films of all time.
AnneClaire Stapleton contributed to this story.

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(CNN) — When origami enthusiast Uyen Nguyen discusses her art, you quickly understand that it is about a lot more escort than folding paper.
In many ways it has been therapeutic, she says. I find the process of folding paper to be almost meditative.
Origami can be used to create incredibly realistic forms, not just to the likeness of say, an insect, but down to the exact species of that particular insect with proportions of its body segment true to real life. At escort bayan the other end of the spectrum, you can mold paper to create the most abstract of forms beautiful because of their inherent structure instead of their likeness to real life forms. As someone interested in both science and art, I love that origami bridges the two.
Worldwide movement
Now Nguyen is bringing her passion to the people of New York City.
As someone interested in both science and art, I love that origami bridges the two.
Uyen Nguyen. origami artist
For the exhibition Surface to Structure: Folded Forms, which will take place at New Yorks Cooper Union from June 19 to July 4, Nguyen has gathered more than 130 works from 88 artists around the world.
The exhibition includes adorable rabbits folded by Malaysian origamist Ng Boon Choon, and a realistic rendering of a field mouse by American Bernie Peyton.
But it also includes St. Michael — The Archangel, a more ominous work by Vietnamese origamist Tran Trung Hieu. It shows a winged angel carrying a sword.
The exhibition marks the 55th anniversary of the 1959 exhibition Plane Geometry and Fancy Figures — the first origami exhibition held in the United States, which also took place inside Cooper Union.
So far Nguyen has raised more than $24,000 of the $32,000 she needs to cover the cost of shipping the works, organizing security and building display cases.
Origami can also be used to make avant-garde fashion creations, such as this one by Czech designer Hana Coufalova.Courtesy Christopher Bierlein.
Collectively the works demonstrate how origami artists are pushing the boundaries of technique and style.
Transcending language barriers
In the 1950s, Japanese organist Akira Yoshizawa helped popularize the art by creating a universal system of diagramming, which involved arrows and illustrations rather than words. His book allowed people across the world to learn the craft and to easily construct pre-existing designs.
But today artists have moved beyond that, with many using software that helps them dream up and then fold their elaborate works.
In many ways it has been therapeutic. I find the process of folding paper to be almost meditative.
Uyen Nguyen. origami artist
Most origami involves folding one sheet of paper into some final form, Nguyen says.
Modular origami uses multiple sheets of paper, folded into identical units, and takes these units and interlocks them, without cuts or adhesive, to obtain a final form that is usually very angular and representative of geometric solids. A couple of my designs add embellishments onto the surfaces of these polyhedra.
Regional variations in the art are becoming smaller and smaller as more people learn about origami via the Internet.
However, Nguyen says that she observed a few patterns among artists while curating her exhibition.
Vietnamese artists tend to be masters of wet folding, which creates soft, gentle bends rather than sharp creases.
Their styles can be somewhat minimalist, and there is so much beauty in their simplicity, she says. The Japanese tend to be more calculated and precise with their folding, which can allow for a huge amount of detail and complexity. I think the European style of origami lies somewhere between these two extremes.
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Paulo escort bayan public people achieve

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(CNN) — When Maria Elza de Fatima learned the World Cup was escort bayan coming to Brazil in 2014, she thought the good times were soon to return.
Once the owner of a busy clothing bayan escort stall, the 59-year-old Sao Paulo resident had scraped around for work since her license expired and wasnt renewed by city bursa escort authorities.
But now the World Cup was coming to her home town — along with many thousands of fans, visitors and escort tourists — opportunities would abound, wouldnt they? It hasnt quite turned out that way.
De Fatima may be one of the lucky ones who has been able to secure an official World Cup job but what she can do and where she can work is limited.
Alongside roughly 600 others, she has been given permission to sell ice packs and soft drinks outside the Sao Paulo stadium. Only official FIFA partners are allowed to hock their wares here and within the arena. De Fatima is all too aware that many others havent been so fortunate.
Is Brazil ready for the 2014 World Cup?
Protesters offer alternative World Cup
Brazil 2014: World Cup and Economics
She recalls the days when as many 22,000 stall-owners plied their trade on Sao Paulos streets. A mere 600 jobs (although there are also temporary roles in other areas) isnt nearly enough for them, she laments.
This World Cup is not for the Brazilians, de Fatima replies when asked whether Sao Paulo has experienced the boon she expected. It is for the foreigners and FIFA friends.
Nationwide protests
De Fatima isnt the only disillusioned Brazilian.
A recent poll by the Pew Research Center found that 61% of respondents felt hosting the World Cup would be a bad thing for their country.
According to Marina Mattar of the Sao Paulo Popular Committee of the World Cup, an umbrella organization for disparate protest groups in the city, the tournament will bring a lot of money into Brazil, but mainly to a well-connected few.
The World Cup is bringing benefits to Brazil but its to the economic and political elites — not to street vendors, not to small companies, entrepreneurs and not to workers in general, she said.
Key to this debate are the spiraling costs of building new stadia across the country to host matches during the World Cup.
Promotional literature released by the Brazilian government puts expenditure in terms of funds, loans and credit lines from the public purse for stadium projects at at $3.5 billion.
But a recent audit suggests the price has escalated to $4.2 billion.
The Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro has been redeveloped for Brazil 2014 (CNN)
The stadiums are not being built for ordinary people because the price of the tickets is very high and many people will not be able to go watch football any more.
Instead, the stadiums are in a way very good for big engineering companies to make money, Mattar said.
People have also been evicted from their homes to make way for projects relating to the World Cup and there has been the pacification of favelas, which has seen police forcibly occupy some of the poorer neighborhoods in the city, she added.
Such concerns are far from exclusive to Sao Paulo.
Siguen las huelgas en Brasil
Simulacro en Río de Janeiro
Rousseff defends Brazil World Cup preps
All across Brazil, street protests have raged in the last year while popular committee groups have also sprung up in Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and beyond.
A multitude of grievances, not all directly related to the world Cup, have driven this discontent — including rising transport prices, higher living costs, housing concerns and accusations of police brutality.
Fairness and equality are at the heart of these concerns.
While Brazil has grown rapidly since the turn of the century, creating a new middle class, inequality remains high and some fear the very poorest are being left behind.
According to the CIA World Factbook, Brazil ranks 17th out of 140 countries in terms of the highest levels of income disparity.
Protesters are asking why an emerging nation is spending billions on hosting a football tournament when that money could be better directed towards alleviating poverty.
It is unacceptable to build a mega event that will provide high profits to FIFA … while there are serious problems of social inequality in the country, said Jean Marcelo, an activist with the student protest group Domino Publico.
The World Cup reaffirms an existing logic that rules the Brazilian government. Its a logic benefiting big businesses and a small elite who occupy the top of the social pyramid, he added.
A protester takes to the streets of Sao Paolo (Miguel Schincariol/AFP/Getty Images/)
But with new roads, airports and stadiums being built, all of which have brought jobs and improvements to the countrys infrastructure, there are many who say the initial outlay, however eye-watering, will be worth it in the long term.
The Brazilian government estimates that 710,000 temporary and permanent jobs will be created during the tournament while fan spending alone is expected to total $13 billion.
On top of that, many Brazilian cities see the exposure they will gain hosting matches as an opportunity to position themselves as attractive destinations to potential investors and tourists now and in the future.
A World Cup for all?
There has been significant investment in urban mobility projects, in airport modernization projects, in port modernization projects, telecommunications infrastructure and security infrastructure, Brazils deputy sports minister Luis Fernandes told CNN.
You have to remember that Brazil is still a developing nation… as well as providing jobs for hundreds of thousands of Brazilians, these investments will benefit people in terms of the services provided, he added.
The fans who come to the World Cup wont be taking back with them the new urban transport solutions or airport extensions, Fernandes said.
Dilma Rousseff with FIFA president, Sepp Blatter (AP Photo/Eraldo Peres)
Paulo Esteves, general supervisor at Rio de Janeiro-based think-tank, the BRICS Policy Center, agrees with this viewpoint.
In a way, what we are seeing are investments that otherwise do not take place, he said. The World Cup has been a kind of catalyst for this.
The government did not take money from health or transportation to invest in stadiums. Investments in public health and transportation will go on and on.
Esteves is quick to add, however, that this doesnt mean public grievances are without merit, and believes the World Cup has created a platform for groups and people dissatisfied with how Brazil is developing as to unite and make their voices heard.
In recent weeks teachers, metro workers and bus drivers have gone on strike demanding better pay and conditions. Others have taken to the streets to campaign for better housing.
Rather than highlighting the negatives of hosting a football tournament, these protests are really talking about the other side of economic modernization in Brazil, Esteves said.
The World Cup is not a target per se but it is an opportunity to vocalize and make stronger … claims for strengthening the process around political and social inclusion.
However, Mattar and others in protest movements maintain their opposition to the World Cup is based on principled rejection of spending decisions tied to what they regard as an elitist, closed event.
Yet, with billions of dollars already spent and the tournament about to start, they are realistic about what opposition can now achieve.
Still, Mattar hopes the anger felt by many Brazilians will reach the watching world and provide lessons for future hosts of big sporting events, including the next two World Cup host countries.
We hope our legacy will be to show to people in Russia, Qatar and maybe in other places that these events and the way they are organized (make it) impossible they will bring any benefits, Mattar said.

By escort bayan and results triumphalist

Editors note: Aaron David Miller is a vice president and distinguished scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars escort bayan and was a Middle East negotiator in Democratic and Republican administrations. Follow him on Twitter. The opinions expressed in this escort commentary are solely those of the author.
(CNN) — The Obama administration likely will succumb to growing pressure to do something bayan escort kinetic and dramatic in Iraq, and when it does, it will most likely be air and missile strikes against ISIS bayan escort ankara targets. This could relieve the political pressure on the President: His critics continue to blame him for abdicating U.S. leadership in Syria and in Iraq –which now faces the advancing extremist militants of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
But answering the political mail in Washington is not the same thing as dealing with, let alone resolving, the complex issues on the ground that have led to this crisis. To do that would require a comprehensive reengagement strategy, even without boots on the ground. And President Barack Obama should not be drawn into a veritable Iraq war III.
Aaron David Miller
Most of Obamas detractors engage in what I call woulda/coulda/shoulda criticism. That is to say, if the President had only invested more time and effort in negotiating a status of forces agreement with the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, left a residual presence there, enforced his chemical weapons red line in Syria and backed the moderate opposition there, we wouldnt be seeing the ISIS jihadi rampage playing out in both countries.
But given the limited amount of intervention this administration, Congress, and the public would support, even under the best of circumstances, the U.S. could not have stopped the dynamic that is occurring.
We cannot hold Iraqs hand forever, nor end Syrias civil war without a major military commitment. And the longer the Syrian conflict continued, the more of a boon the conflict would provide to jihadi elements who fed off its violence and sectarian character.
As for Iraq, the al-Maliki governments insistence on maintaining Shia dominance and privilege, and repressing Sunnis, created the perfect ferment for ISISs spread. No amount of U.S. military power summoned by any administration could have compensated for this kind of bad sectarian governance. That and the weak institutions of the Iraqi state have allowed ISIS to thrive.
No matter how much progress the U.S. made in Iraq between 2003 and 2011, the dysfunction that now shapes Iraqs future was driven by factors set into motion by the very act of the invasion, Iraqs nature and its location. And those same factors limit now what the U.S. can do; they should make Washington wary of getting sucked back in.
Back to Iraq: What can – and should – the U.S. do now?
Malikis sectarian dominance
Iraqi commander: There will be blood
What are the best U.S. options in Iraq?
Obama: Up to Iraq to solve its problems
Meet the terrorists who scare Al-Qaeda
How can you expect stability and security in a country where the political contract between the governed and those who govern is completely skewed in the direction of the Shia community? But thats what you have with Nuri al-Maliki; and thats unlikely to change. Shia repression has left Sunnis feeling disenfranchised — one reason why violence has surged in the last year — and this is why its hard to get Sunni elements of the military to fight and resist ISIS moves. Its also why some key Sunni elements are reportedly in league with the ISIS jihadis.
Its a reason to be careful about backing a government not committed to serious power sharing and reform, let alone to use direct U.S. military intervention to defend it. The U.S. couldnt build the new Iraq on the backs of American military power before it was clear that al-Maliki was a Shia triumphalist. How are we to do it today when its clear that he is?
The neighbors
Geography is destiny. This isnt Americas neighborhood: It does not have the same kind of stake as those who live there. The U.S. may be committed to a nonsectarian, pluralist, democratic Iraq where everybody gets along in one big happy family. But Iran and Saudi Arabia envision very different outcomes, and they will act in ways detrimental to our interests.
Iran is worried about ISIS to be sure. But Iran knows that its long-term interests depend on a stable Iraq under Shia dominance. That means that while it will assist al-Maliki, it wont pressure him to reform. The Saudis, on the other hand, cant abide al-Maliki and while they are worried about the Sunni jihadis, they see some merit in weakening the Prime Minister. Both Tehran and Riyadh will continue to see Iraq as a battleground to check the others influence and to promote their side in a Sunni-Shia war. Iraqs stability and the U.S.s altruistic vision of Iraqs future will be the casualties.
The Syrian civil war
Any U.S. strategy that deals with Iraq in isolation will fail to get at a main sources of the ISIS threat. The Syrian civil war was a godsend for these jihadi groups. And unless the United States is prepared to expand its area of operations and to develop a sustained, aggressive strategy to contain if not destroy the ISIS presence in Syria, any effort in Iraq will at best produce a short-term success. Having willfully avoided militarizing the U.S. role in Syria, the President may well go ahead and do so now, with all the risks of mission creep. Attacking ISIS will also help Bashar al-Assad in Syria and Iran in Iraq.
A serious strategy
And that brings us to the most difficult dimension of this entire problem. Without a serious and sustained strategy that has a military, counterterrorism, political and economic component, including mobilizing the international community, its hard to see how the Obama administration can realistically put these Humpty Dumptys back together again. To do that would mean American involvement — for starters CIA or special forces in an advisory capacity, most likely functioning clandestinely.
Airstrikes, even if they worked to check ISIS, would have to be used repeatedly over time. And more training for the Iraqi military — most likely with advisers on the ground to instruct in the use of sophisticated military equipment — would be necessary. And despite all of this, its likely that ISIS may still be able to secure enclaves in Iraq.
Havent we seen this movie before? It was called Iraq 2003-2011, and it clearly didnt have a happy ending.
So, Mr. President, you probably have no other choice but to get sucked back into Iraq with military strikes. It might even have positive short-term results. But it likely wont over time. Triumphalist Shia, unhappy Sunnis, Iranian influence, and Kurdish separatists will guarantee it. Iraq was a trap for America once before. It will be again.
5 predictions revisited: Iraqs troubles are years in the making
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